Glades Media Stations Sustained Minimal Damage from Hurricane Ian

Immokalee, FL (Oct 3, 2022)- WAFZ 92.1FM fared well during and after the storm.  WAFZ was one of just a few stations able to stay on the air throughout the storm.  Internet was restored last Friday and WAFZ is continuing to serve our audience and customers.  

Our terrific staff at WAFZ along with our West Palm Beach Stations WLLY and WWRF have reached out to our audiences over the weekend to fill 5 trucks of food and water.  Donations will be taken Wednesday morning to our point of distribution in Ft Myers, which will be “Jesus the Worker Catholic Church”.

All of Glades Media’s Stations(WAFC,WAFZ,WOKC,WLMX,WLLY,WWRF & WKYZ) are open and will continue to serve our community in any way that we can to help.  For the most up to date information, check our website at




Brian Johnson